Water Wells

“Well” means any excavation that is drilled, cored, bored, washed, driven, dug, jetted, or otherwise constructed when the intended use of such excavation is for the location, acquisition, development, or artificial recharge of groundwater, but such term does not include any well for the purpose of obtaining or prospecting for oil, natural gas, minerals, or products of mining or quarrying; for inserting media to dispose of oil brines or to repressure oil-bearing or natural gas-bearing formation; for storing petroleum, natural gas, or other products; or for temporary dewatering of subsurface formations for mining, quarrying, or construction purposes.


Well Water Repairs Bartow, FL

Florida Aquifer


The main source of water for most of us in Florida comes from underground aquifers. Florida is comprised of three main aquifers: the Surficial Aquifer, which is broken down into the sand and gravel aquifer and the Biscayne aquifer, the intermediate aquifer, and the huge, statewide Floridan aquifer. Confining layers vary throughout the state. In some areas, the confining layers are absent to very thin, while in other areas, they can be almost 200 feet thick.


Water derived from water wells comes from our aquifers and serve many every day purposes like:

  • Drinking
  • Water
  • Showering
  • Washing Clothes
  • Watering Plants & Lawn Irrigation
  • Swimming Pools and More!


Helpful Definitions To Better Your Understanding of Water Wells

Water Well Contractor: A person who is responsible for the construction, repair, or abandonment of a water well and who is licensed under this part to engage in the business of construction, repair, or abandonment of water wells.


Potable Water: Water suitable for human consumption and approvable by the county health unit (Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services).


Contractor: Any person licensed by the Department, or a water management district, in accordance with Chapter 62-531, F.A.C., and engaged in the business of construction, repair, or abandonment of wells.

Water Well and Pump Repair: Any action which involves the physical alteration or replacement of any part of a well, but does not include the alteration or replacement of any portion of a well which is above ground surface.


Driller: A licensed contractor, or a person working for a licensed contractor who actually constructs the well using a drilling rig or other apparatus used in constructing a well.


Field Logs: An accurate, written documentation of all construction activities needed to fill out well completion reports.